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At LAWRIS, we are committed to provide you with prompt and efficient legal services. To ensure you get the most value out of retaining us, we have implemented an online portal to maintain a streamlined communication with you, so you always have access to updates, status of your file and live interaction.

Every case is different and unique in its own way, we understand this and can offer you personalized services to meet your needs. If you are a Senior or a student you may qualify for a discounted rate, please Contact us for more information.


Legal Consultation

Process Serving

Demand Letters


Legal Research

Pre-Trial and Trial Attendance

Document Preparation

Judgment Enforcement

Commissioning of Oaths

Notary Public


Areas of Practice


We provide litigation services to represent you before the Small Claims Court, whether you are the Plaintiff (the suing party) or the Defendant (the party being sued).

Civil disputes arise when individuals have been wronged and wish to seek compensation. The cases heard by the Small Claims Court are related to money such as non-payment of bills, loans, etc., and related to damages for causing pain and suffering such as slip & fall, wrongful dismissal and breach of contract amongst others.

In most cases, you have up to 2 years since the incident ocurred, to file your claim with the Small Claims Court. It is important to note that the Small Claims Court can only award a maximum of up to 25K, if you are seeking compensation for more than that, the Superior Court of Jusice. deals with this type of civil matters.



Claims for Money

Claims for Damages


Promissory Note

Breach of Contract

SCC can award up to $25,000.
Limitation Period is 2 years after incident occurred.
Client must have proof to support their case.
Identification of both parties is required

Unpaid Invoices/Accounts

Property Damage

N.S.F. Cheque

Slip and Fall

Debt Collection

Wrongful Dismissal

Rent Arrears


Security Deposit

Personal Injury



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Different legal bodies are in place to hear disputes arising in the workplace, to ensure protection and equality of rights.

Employers, employees and contractors are governed by several pieces of legislation. Rights and responsibilities such as doing the job hired for, being paid on time, working on a safe environment free of harrasment of any kind need to be met by both parties and it is here where disputes arise.

Perceptions of what's right, what's not and general expecations, vary amongst employers and employees. The following table illustrates some of the reasons why you would take legal action.



Employment Standards


Human Rights Tribunal and Commission

Hours of work and wages

Violence and Harassment



Policies and practices


Public holiday

Progressive discipline

Work harassment

Vacation pay

Early & safe return to work


Leaves of absence

Health and Safety


Termination of employment

Accessibility standards



We offer legal counsel, defend your rights and represent you in your labour matters whether you are an employee, contractor or employer.

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The Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hears appeals regarding municipal planning and environmental legislation.

We represent land-property owners and developers like you. Your development application has a second and last chance, make it count!



Development Application Appeals for:

Minor Variance

Official Plan or Amendment

Interim Control by-law

Consent to Sever

Zoning by-law or Amendment

Development or Educational Charge by-law

Demolition Permit

Holding Symbol Removal

Draft Plan Approval

Environmental Assessment


Site Plan Approval


The Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ) hears provincial offences including municipal by-law infringements.

If you got a ticket, or have been charged with a minor offence (6 months prison and/or $2,000 fine), we are here for you!



Provincial Offences – Tickets and Fines

Criminal – Summary Convictions

Highway Traffic Act

Traffic Tickets

Theft under $5,000

Municipal by-law Act:

-Excessive noise



-Animal Control

Causing a disturbance


-Garbage Disposal

Committing an indecent act in public

Dog Owners Liability Act

Damages from bite or attack

Personal Injury

Environmental Protection Act

Environment Contamination



The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) hears and issues orders to resolve disputes.

We can help you achieve the best outcome.



For Landlord

For Tenants


Non-payment of rent

Eviction notice received

Tenancy Agreements
Document preparation
Document serving
Filing at LTB
Negotiation/Mediation settlements
Prepare and Attend Hearing
Judgment and Evictions

Late rent payments

Illegal rent charges

Damages to rental unit

Entry of unit without notice

Reposition of unit

Maintenance and repairs

Selling property

Ending tenancy

Eviction order

Changing Locks 


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